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The “south-pointing fish” is an early Chinese compass in which a fish shape is molded from a thin steel plate and placed in a bowl of water. Magnetized in the geomagnetic field, the tail of the fish points in the direction of the North Pole, while the head points towards the south. South Pointing Fish is my personal experiment in map-making.

Six Pack of Peaks
LA County & San Bernardino County

First Home
University Heights, San Diego, CA

PNW Adventures in a Subaru Outback
La Push, WA

Crafter's Paradise
Shum Shui Po, Hong Kong

ITP Winter Show 2011
New York City, NY

University Heights Dog Map
University Heights, San Diego, CA

National Parks of America

Wong Wedding Map
Minneapolis, MN

The Great Chinatown Food Adventure: A Pocket Map
Chinatown, NYC