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Closing Time

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My mom retired last week, wrapped up the sale of our home in Hawaii and moved back to Hong Kong to enjoy retired life with my dad. After raising my sister and I by herself for years in Hawaii while my dad supported our family from Hong Kong, I couldn't be happier for her to finally get the endless, relaxing vacation she so deserves. Although I still have family in Hawaii, including my husband's side, it all still feels bittersweet, like the official end of an era that defined much of my childhood. I haven't lived at home in years but this time there's this sense of permanence, like goodbye for real. Here are some snaps from my last visit home last November when I went back to clear out some of the things accumulated over 30 years of life and savor the things I love about the place that will always be home, which is something that even in the absence of a physical house, can never be taken away. 


1. The view from our lanai towards Diamond Head. 

2. My POG collection from third grade.

3. Mana Bu's, arguably the best musubis on the island.

4. The view from our lanai towards Waialae Nui Valley. 

5. A healthy acai bowl from Diamond Head Cove Health Bar.

6. A not-so-healthy malasada from Leonard's.

7. The view from the drive from Kapiolani Park, around Diamond Head, and into Kahala. 

8. A shot of the colorful interior of Diamond Head Cove Health Bar.