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Welcoming More Veggies to the Farm

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As you can see, we went a little garden crazy this past week and had to kidnap our patio bench to accommodate a second row of veggies! (Sorry patio bench.) Hoku's job is to guard our plants from birds and squirrels and let me tell you, he is excellent at it. 

The lettuce and carrot seeds that were sown just one week ago (in those longer containers to the right) have already started growing! The lettuce seedlings came out first last Thursday, followed by carrots just yesterday. After days of waiting and watching the dirt and crossing our fingers, the first signs of life were incredibly exciting to witness! 

Lettuce (pictured above) and carrots (pictured below). 

Please welcome to the Ha Farm spring lineup:

→  Lettuce
→  Short Carrots
→  Japanese Eggplant
→  Yellow Bell Peppers
→  Basil (transplanted to the yard from our kitchen window sill)
→  Japanese Cucumbers
→  Gold Zucchini