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Compost Bin

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After an unfortunate series of events forced us to turn around early on our San Gorgonio hike last Sunday, we found ourselves back in the car around 9:00am (we started hiking at 5:30am) and realized that we still had the whole day ahead of us to do whatever we wanted. So we decided to be productive and drown our sorrows at our favorite store (Home Depot) by picking up materials to start our very own composting bin!

We loved the idea of being able to create nutrient rich soil for our garden by simply recycling our kitchen scraps and yard waste, instead of tossing it in the trash and sending it to a landfill to create harmful greenhouse gasses.

We ended up purchasing a shovel and a very basic black trash bin with a lid and drilled holes around the sides for ventilation. Then we tossed in some mulch to line the bottom and some random green waste lying around in the yard. They say compost should be a mix of 50% green material (fresh grass clippings, veggie scraps, fruit peels) and 50% brown material (tea leaves, coffee grounds, wood chips, dead leaves.) 

This is what our compost bin looks like after 3 days. We've already thrown in a bunch of chopped up banana peels, strawberry stems, and dead/fallen leaves from the garden and mixed it all up with our shovel. And surprisingly, it doesn't smell bad at all, which was one reason why we had been hesitant to start a compost bin earlier! In fact, it's already smelling a bit like fresh soil. Can't wait for the gardeners to come tomorrow and throw in all our grass clippings so things can really start heating up in there!