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Garden Update: Cacti and A Micro Green Salad

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This past Sunday started like any other, except for the immense physical pain we were in for hiking Mt. San Gorgonio the day prior. We had dim sum for brunch then stopped at Home Depot (of course) where we bought some copper spray to help fight the pesky blight plaguing our tomatoes for the past two gloomy, humid weeks here in SoCal. I also picked up some green support sticks for my ever-leaning, top-heavy ficus lyrata annnnd, two new plants for my succulent collection, including a cactus that I've been wanting forever and ever. 

To the left is my taller ficus standing nice, tall and straight with its new green crutch. The shorter one seems to be doing fine with less support, for now at least. And on the far right, is a lazy shiba falling asleep watching us busy ourselves with boring human stuff. 

So Home Depot decided to sell these cacti in pairs for some reason and the concrete pot that I had bought for my intended cactus could only fit one. The prospect of having to transplant a prickly plant was already daunting enough, but now we also had to figure out a way to remove these two from the same pot they've been sharing since they were little cact-lings and carefully separate their intricately tangled root system. Bring out the ski gloves! Given the precarious nature of the task at hand, we amazingly only pricked our fingers once or twice. 

Thirty minutes later, our new cacti siblings were living happily in their new homes. The one on the left has been aptly named Old Greyback to commemorate our Gorgonio experience. It seemed fitting as it is the tallest succulent in our collection, as well as the prickliest. 

Here's our carrots and lettuce, loving life, growing wild and free and in serious need of a thinning. I had very "noobily" (is that a word?) planted way to many carrot seeds in a row, which meant I had to thin out a ton of carrot leaves. It seems silly, but it was heartbreaking to cut down so many so that there would only be one plant every one to one half inches. At the very least, it gave me comfort knowing the leaves would be thrown into the compost bin and recycled. 

With our thinned out lettuce leaves, we actually ended up with a decently sized micro greens salad! Back in the house, we threw in some tomatoes, rotisserie chicken and tossed it lightly in sesame dressing. It was so fresh and delicious! A part of me still can't believe we grew our own salad, but now that we've had a taste, we can never go back to store bought bag salad. There's just something about going into our own garden to cut some fresh salad leaves on an as-needed basis. And the best part, it's really easy to grow!