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The Ha Farm Spring Fruit & Veggie Lineup

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We started planting about a month ago and I am so excited to finally show you what we have going on in the garden this spring! We learned a lot from the mistakes we made last year and invested in some legitimate support for our tomatoes (stakes for the indeterminate varieties and a cage for the determinate). This year, our three new tomato varieties are joined by some exciting new neighbors. In the Fruits & Veggies category, we have (left to right):

→ Everlast Strawberries
→  Black Krim Heirloom Tomatoes
→  Sun Gold Hybrid Tomatoes (currently fruiting)
→  Ace 55 Heirloom Tomatoes (currently fruiting)
→  Burpless Bush Hybrid Cucumbers
→  Zucchinis
→  Green Bell Peppers
→  Orange Bell Peppers
→  Green Onions

Not shown are our carrots and lettuce, which were sown just this past Monday and currently germinating in the shade. 

In the Tree category, our little Meyer lemon tree which scared us by losing almost all its leaves last Fall after being transplanted into its new whiskey barrel home, is now blossoming and growing 1 big lemon and 6 little lemons. We didn't expect it to produce fruit so early since it is still a young tree, but we're definitely not complaining! Our Hass avocado tree just started regaining its leaves, though the harsh SoCal sun was not kind to the young growth and some of the new leaves literally got fried. It has since been moved to a shadier corner of the garden to recuperate. (Can you spot our first and biggest Meyer lemon below?)

Lettuce update! Only five days after planting, we're already seeing some tiny lettuce sprouts! Nothing yet on the carrot front, but we read that carrots could take up to three weeks to begin sprouting.